Highlighters you need this summer!

Highlighters you need this summer!

One of the biggest makeup trends at the moment is having your skin look flawlessly smooth accompanied by some rosy cheeks and blinding dewiness.

With dewiness comes an amazing highlighter. Whether you love a powder highlight or a liquid highlight this list will provide you with some amazing products to achieve your desired makeup look.

The MAC Hyper Real Glow

This palette comes with three different highlighters. There are also three different palettes with different shades to match your skin tone. If you’re looking for a blindingly beautiful powder highlight I would highly recommend this one. It’s one of my favourites to use on clients and on myself.

Price: $$$$

2. MAC Liquid Highlighter

If you love a dewy, “natural” look any Mac liquid highlighter will do the trick. Whether its a bronze, white or gold undertone, you will achieve your desired look.

Price: $$$

3. Any individual MAC Powder Highlighter

In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with any MAC highlighter. MAC highlighters are absolutely BLINDING. They always do the trick, whether you want a subtle look or a full on glam queen look, MAC highlighters are your go to.

Price: $$$

4. Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with a full face of glam makeup - this highlighter is perfect for you! This is the most EXTRA highlighter I have ever used. The colour of this highlighter is like a prism of various colours. So if you’re feeling extra, this is your go to, with every different angle that light hits your face this highlighter glows with a different colour.


5. BECCA shimmering skin highlighter

If you’re looking for another extra AF highlighter any BECCA highlighter will actually do the trick. But this is one is a personal favourite of mine.

Price: $$$

6. I Heart Revolution Highlighters

I heart revolution has a wide array of different highlighters and they’re absolutely GORGEOUS. The great thing about this brand is that it’s also totally affordable and the quality is amazing.

Price: $$

These are only six of the many highlighters I have been completely obsessed with. Happy Highlighter shopping!


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